Lullaby Magic Unicorn™️ Singing - Walking Toy - Little Lullaby

Lullaby Magic Unicorn™️ Singing - Walking Toy

In the world of unicorn toys, this Lullaby Magic Walking & Singing Unicorn is one of our favorites! He enjoys going on walks so much that he sings when you take him out. It's like having your very own Unicorn Pet! Our interactive unicorn walks alongside you with the simple push of a button, that's located on the handle of his leash. A unicorn that walks on a leash, is a unicorn worth playing with! 

He's so FLUFFY!


Elevate your child’s playtime with this Electronic Walking and Singing Unicorn Plush Toy. Hold the heart shaped handle, at the end of its leash, and push the power button that's located there. Pressing the button will prompt the unicorn to walk, move its head, wag its tail and sing. It sings two songs that are sure to thrill and delight your child.

The Lullaby Magic Unicorn™️ is available in Five pretty colors; White, Blue and Pink.


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